Sunday, February 12, 2012

Battle of the Blonde

As far as new years resolutions go, I've had better starts to the year.  Let's revisit the list and see how I'm progressing, shall we?

1) Run the half - good intentions... got up to 5 miles training and hurt my knee.  I did start back with our trainer so I've been working out. That counts, right? 
2) Call Mom more - I've definitely done better with this.
3) Be more organized - oh please. 
4) Practice yoga at least once per week - I've been once in 2012.  ONCE. 
5) Stand up straight (hoping #4 will help with this one) - see #4. 
6) Go BLONDE(ish) - more info below. 
7) Shop Smarter - YES.  I've done this.  But mostly because I'm just not in a shopping mood lately. 
8) Be a better listener - I should try harder.
9) Eat CLEAN food - sometimes I do.  but sometimes I want to come home and put my face in a pan of brownies. 
10) Shop more flea markets and antique stores - haven't been to either yet. 
11) Buy a dining room table - I'm on the hunt for one!!  Progress...
12) .... and chairs - working on it. goes with #11. 
13) Do more DIYs -  I did one, and love the way it turned out!! 
14) Stress less - this one's just funny. 
15) Buy my first pair of Louboutins - I don't even know how this one made the same list as #7.  But it's still a goal.  

Moving on.... I thought I'd take a tiny little survey about this blonde idea.  Basically, two of my very good friends -one happens to be my hair stylist- have launched a 'Sarah- don't ruin your hair!' campaign.  They mean well, but I can't help but look at all of these images (including some from a few of my favorite bloggers with TO DIE FOR hair) and think this is a good idea.  Besides, it's not like I want to go platinum with it.  And I promise to work on a tan.  Thoughts?

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


  1. I think you'd look great with any of the hair colors in this post! I say go for it!

    But, on the flip side, I understand where folks are coming from with the whole "don't ruin your hair" thing. I'm a natural blonde, but the older I get, I swear, the darker my hair gets too. What used to be light, buttery blonde is now very dark blonde. This is the first time in 15 years where I haven't had any highlights or color in my hair... and it's a bit weird. To say "dishwater blonde" is sad but probably accurate. What a terrible name! I'm jealous of brunettes have such natural, pretty hair color!

  2. Yes to a natural blonde mix and professional spray tan (light). The kind a person does - not a booth.

  3. I definitely think you can pull it off, the most important thing is to get a shade that compliments your skin tone. Then you might not have to worry about the tan:) In my family we go gray early, so what was once a dark, rich brown with natural auburn higlights is now a much duller, lighter tone. For the moment I'm going for a light golden brown but I might try some highlights for summer.

  4. i say go for it!! you can always go back and you're young and hip! it is so much fun to change up your hair, which is your greatest accessory right? i'm doing some ombre action at my next visit. my hair is naturally dirty blonde anyway, so it will be very subtle. "Running on Happiness" has my most favorite hair ever!

  5. You know I'm on the fence about the blonde what YOU want & make sure you have a good hairstylist! :)

    Oh, btw - ditto on the pan of brownies...can we share?

  6. I've always been a fan of experimenting with hair color! I've been a DARK brunette, red head and now back to blonde. My advice is to start the process gradually so you're not in complete shock. It's only hair and you can always change it! In other words- go for it girl!

  7. i think that blonde would look GREAT on you! go for it :)


    Fashion Fractions

  8. I love your hair inspirations. I went quite blond last summer...and hated the upkeep...but I loved it when it was freshly done. Now I just got my hair dresser to give my slightly ombre hair so that I could have some blond, and not worry about roots. I think next month I'll go in a get some more blond put in, but leave my roots dark like that last picture. I think the same thing would look fantastic on you!

  9. As a brunette who's "been there done that" for a while with the bleaching I have mixed feelings about going blonde, or even toward blonde.

    I had a lot of highlights for a few years (sort of a la Jennifer Aniston in that pic, but the effect was...not as good). I think they kind of washed me out. They're high maintenance and look like hell if not maintained meticulously (even if the stylists try to blend rather than have a sharp line at the root). And also, hard water discoloration can really ruin a good idea. My 'lights always got looking brassy after a while, possibly because I didn't have the same budget for it that Jennifer Aniston does.

    So now we are dying my naturally fading a bit and graying brunette a rich, warm, dark brown. You have shiny, healthy hair right now that goes great with your skin tone, and maybe that's worth more than being blonde.

    Of course, trying blonde out was what made me embrace and appreciate my natural color more, so if you want to try it, you totally should.

  10. Well, since I'm being called out on the blog - yes, I'm Friend #2 - I feel it necessary to defend myself. The only reason we don't want you to change your hair is because WE LOVE YOUR HAIR. Hello.....I wrote a blog post inspired by it! If you must do it, please go with the Jen Aniston version, because you know I think she does no wrong. (And let's face it, it's really just brown with some fantastic balyage. Well played, Chris McMillian.)

    Also, do what you want. I'll love you through it. ;-)

  11. no way! sorry, but i'm joining the campaign!

  12. Ok, I love the idea but this also comes from a auburn/brunette girl who once went blonde. I think it's in all of us darker-hair gals. We want to know how the other half lives, lol. I did it for a change and because I have a ton of gray hair (thanks Mom) and thought it would be easier to cover. It was. I started with hi-lights in about 3 colors. I went through the terrible orangish stage and finally I loved it. The problem was each time I refreshed the color, it was more blonde or darker. It seemed I could never stay exactly where I wanted. It did dry out my hair though and was harder to wear the makeup I liked. It's a gamble but you can always go back to dark. I like the pictures you chose. :)

  13. i don't have a choice but to be blonde. my hair is SO grey that i am forced to stick to blonde to disguise it. it sucks because i would LOVE the ombre look but um, grey roots and bleached tips aren't exactly the ombre look i want. =) you have GORGE healthy hair, so i wouldn't mess with it! maybe just a couple tiny highlights to frame your face! =)

    p.s. you have no idea how many times i bring my hairdresser (also my bff) pics of jennifer anniston's hair. lol

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  14. I love blonde hair and it's technically my natural color but the upkeep is just so time consuming, but I think you could go a little lighter with out ruining your gorgeous hair ;D

  15. I think you would look great with some blonde in your hair. I have never dyed my hair so I don't know how much damage it could cause. I have always wanted to go red but am scared what will happen with my hair.

  16. I say do it!! The best part about the pics you posted is the ombre affect - you are only really dying the ends. If you end up hating it or it fries the end of your hair, it doesn't take too long to grow it back out (or just chop off the ends)!

    Your hair is gorgeous and strong now, and it sounds like you have a great hair stylist (which is key to keeping color-treated hair in good condition). Plenty of people go lighter without totally wrecking their hair.

    It def sounds like YOU want to dye it - if it's gonna make you happy than I say go for it! Plus I think you would look FANTASTIC blonde. :)


  17. love your blog! first-time commenter :) as someone who has been getting their hair highlighted or colored for roughly 10 ten years, i say go for it! i still get compliments on how healthy my hair looks, and i actually loved the texture/body that was added when i highlighted my hair at first. it was really fine and i love that the highlighting process gave it a boost.

    good luck!! and if you don't like it, you can always dye it back :)

  18. I'm a blonde and I love it :)

  19. Why not?!? It's so fun to play around with your look and best of all hair grows! I went blondish a few years ago and will probably never go back!

  20. Hey, you are still minding the list. That's gotta count for something!

  21. HI! just found your blog and while i think the blonde would look good - the upkeep makes me cringe! your stunning already!

    stop by if you get the time
    xoxox E

  22. i think we all can kinda relate to these ''resolutions'' :) and re hair pics - go for it!! it's exactly what i am planning to do with my hair! you will look stunning!! xox

  23. Ha, great post!! It's only February, you have plenty of time! : )



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