Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help 'Kickstart' Emily Hallman!!

The 'Mille' Dress 

I have this amazing friend who is also amazingly talented. To be interested in fashion and love fine clothing is one thing... to have the skill, talent, and determination to create your own brand is on a whole other level. I'm SO lucky to have gotten to know Emily and her brand, Emily Hallman, through my blog. If you're new to Pencil Skirts & Lattes and haven't seen Emily's designs before, I've included in this post a few pictures of her pieces that I've styled. I have purchased several pieces from multiple collections, and cannot express how fabulous these clothes are... from the impeccable tailoring to the fine details and fabric selction, everything about her designs are absolutely top notch.

Emily is in the process of launching her Fall 2012 collection, and has initiated a project on Kickstarter to help make this happen (read all of the details about the Emily Hallman Kickstarter Project here). In short, funds raised through this project will go towards fabric and trim, advertising, website and graphic design, photography, promotional materials, pattern grading, and sample production.  We all know someone who is exceptionally talented and needs a bit of a boost to take their skill and brand to the next level... anything at all that you can do to help Kickstart Emily's collection is greatly appreciated.

The 'Abigail' Skirt 

The 'Rosie' Skirt


  1. Love Emily's Pieces, and they look amazing on you, like, made for you, amazing.

  2. Sarah you look amazing! You have the perfect figure for her classic and very retro silhouttes. I am really excited that she is attending the TxSC symposium next month and I am looking forward to meeting her. Great pics!

  3. You are working that Rosie skirt! If I didn't have to look at price tags, that baby would be mine! So pretty!

  4. Still in love with that orange lace skirt - one of my favorite pieces of hers!! Wish I had some extra $$ to help her out, because I agree with you that she is an amazingly talented designer!


  5. All 3 items are amazing, but that dress in the first pic is gorgeous! And it looks great on you!
    She's really talented!

  6. I LOVE Emily and her clothes :) She is one of the most talented ladies I've ever met and I'm so glad I got to know her through your blog :)


    Fashion Fractions

  7. Love the orange skirt, but yes, the price stopped me. I bought a beautiful navy top instead. So excited to get it!!

  8. They are all so cute, I love them. I think my favorite was photo number 3!!! Awesome post. Erica

  9. Beautiful pieces. I'll have to check her project out.

  10. I love the orange skirt! It's gorgeous and you look amazing! xo, Christina


  11. Her pieces are all so elegant and feminine. (tweeting this post as part of the 'kickstart')

  12. All "hall" (like hail, haha, ok maybe that doesn't work) the rosie skirt! You look amazing in that last pic and that skirt is to die for.

  13. Pretty post...
    Very feminine

    I am following you now..
    Hope you will follow back


  14. SUCH gorgeous pieces - that Mille dress is so pretty and looks absolutely amazing on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. The orange skirt is so pretty! I love the lace. Such a lovely detail.

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

  16. Love Emily! I definitely need to help with kickstart.


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