Friday, August 19, 2011

How To: Look Great, Feel Great!

I love weekends.  EVERYONE loves weekends.  Even people who love what they do for a living admit that time off of work is what keeps them sane.

The downside of time off: you have to come back to work  
The most painful time to come back to work: after a mind-blowing, fantastic weekend

So when I got back to work this week after all of the fun weekend festivities, I went for my classic 'Look Great, Feel Great!' approach that I try when I'm in a slump or start to feel under the weather.  What this means is - no matter how tired, ill, cranky, or lazy I feel when I wake up in the morning - I try to dress the part of someone who is in a wonderful mood.  This typically includes bright colors, fun patterns, and ALWAYS includes a pair of comfy but commanding heels for the extra oomph of power I need to put my chin up and face the day.

The outfit in this post worked perfectly for that.  Bright reddish orange blouse (my go-to, mood elevating color in my wardrobe), matching bright lip color (PS - this is my favorite day-to-night "red" shade.  L'oreal Colour Riche in Volcanic), and leopard accessories.  I love taking my favorite colors/textures/patterns and incorporating them into a business-appropriate look!

What kinds of clothing/accessories/beauty products help put you in a better mood??

Zara blouse and heels, Banana Republic skirt, Tory Burch belt, AT Loft necklace and ring, F21 red ring and bracelet, NY&Co earrings, Francesca's Collection shades and clutch, Michael Kors watch


  1. I'm pretty much the same way! Gimme something bright and high heels and I'm ready for Monday :) Looking great Sarah! I love the dotted top ;)

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Bright colors always brighten my day! I love this top (I want to steal it)!!

  3. You look FABULOUS! If you don't feel great after wearing that outfit, I dont know what else will do it! The colors are perfect and so is the leopard :) LOVING that blouse too, adorable!

  4. bright colors and fun prints always put me in a good mood!

  5. Something bright or pink instantly uplifts my mood! Other than that...One very nice big glass of merlot DEFINITELY uplifts my mood at the end of the day! Love this outfit and I think we would like to see the line-up of your bold bright lip colours...they're really beautiful on you and I am currently in the search for the perfect red for fall! :)

  6. Usually when I'm feeling down I reach for one of my go-to frocks that immediately make me feel wonderful. I love that pretty top!

  7. this is classic and chic, and I know exactly what you mean about work. I love what I do, but it is nice to have some time off!!

  8. I love bright colors as well for brightening up a day - you look fantastic!!

  9. love that Zara blouse...beautiful color on you!!!
    And that little leopard clutch is FAB.

  10. Fantastic accessories, dear! =)

  11. You look great! I love the attitude about picking yourself up to feel more ready for the day. I usually head for my awesome heels and I use my "good" shampoo haha to feel more special and put together.

  12. love the blouse! so cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  13. Hey nice to meet you! Your accessories are just perfect. Love tha bracelet and clutch especially!

  14. love this!!! you look fantastic, that blouse is heaven!! happy monday! ;)


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