Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Must Haves of the Moment!!

SO thrilled to be featured on The Average Girl's Guide today!! Check out my 5 Must-Haves of the moment, I'm doing some pre-game warming up for the Holidays!  

Check out the feature here and let us know what your must-haves are!


  1. Awesome! Loved the cape, the movies, and of course everything pumpkin! :) xo~C

  2. Dude. Christmas movies. YES. my personal favorite is The Family Stone, though it's a bit newer :)


  3. Great and inspiring post:) Christmas movies are definite must haves for me too, as are stylish winter boots (just got me a pair of chocolate brown heeled leather ones), chunky knit sweaters, Christmas gift wish lists (can't do my Christmas shopping without) and candles! I always burn a ton of candles this time of the year:)

  4. Thanks again for posting; LOVED it and definitely started getting me excited about the holiday season. TGIF! xo

  5. Loved the feature! That cape from NY&Co is amazing!


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