Saturday, December 24, 2011

Guest Post by The Photog: Life with a Fashionista - Day 4

Here we are yet again.  Needless to say, life with a fashionista is....interesting (remind me to tell you sometime why I use that word).  But you already know that.  Because those of you reading either are a fashionista or you're connected to one in some form or fashion (pun intended).

Let's recap where we've been so far.  Day 1 gave us no space.  Day 2 gave us whining.  Day 3 gave us acceptance.  Day 4 gives us the unexpected - hope.

I give you Day 4: It's Gonna Happen

Session 1: Stuck in a room of fashionistas

No guy wants to be in this situation.  An event or party or show or shopping or some sort of activity where it's not just your fashionista but a whole gaggle of them.  Chatting.  Texting.  Instagraming.  Pinning.  Admiring each others' clothes.  (And is it just me or do they all have to state a) where they bought the item and b) how much it cost?)  Is there a way to avoid this predicament?  Absolutely.  Should you avoid this predicament?  Not necessarily.  Let me explain.

Engaging in these social events with your fashionista (even though you're the only guy there) is a necessary evil.  She gets to frolic with others of her kind, practice a language no one else cares to understand, and build a network of other fashionistas.  I know, it really doesn't sound like you're getting anything out of this situation at all, but you're dead wrong.  There is light at the end of this tunnel, gents.  And it's so bright, you'll need SPF 5000.

It's gonna happen.

Session 2: At least there's alcohol

The capstone event that became the foundation for this training session was very similar to the situation above.  Dinner was going to be several of our friends and colleagues to celebrate another's rather lucrative business venture.  Food and friends?  I'm game.  And then we get there.  

So there I am sitting at dinner with 8 women including my fashionista.  Are you kidding me?  Where are the guys?  Where are the bad jokes?  Where is the testosterone to balance out the sea of estrogen?  Sigh.  Nothing.  But there is a positive.  Because while your fashionista is engaged in idle banter with others of her kind, you can whip out your smartphone, play Angry Birds, and drink. May not seem that exciting, but this is a good thing!  You begin to realize as you sit there swigging on a good brew while watching the yellow bird fly across the screen that you are not being pulled into a conversation on the new Louis Vuitton collection or a vintage Chanel dress or (even worse) the myriad of items scored at the recent Ann Taylor sale.  No, my friends, your so called expert opinion doesn't matter.  And it is good.

It's gonna happen.

Session 3: Did I mention there's alcohol?

Back in the summer, my fashionista and I were graced with the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Crystal, another fashionista, visiting from California.  Had a great lunch at Tavern.  Took some photos.  And then the shopping started.  Hill Center Green Hills in Nashville has a lot of women's boutiques.  Hemline.  H. Audrey.  Monkee's.  And Posh.  Oh Posh.

The folks at Posh boutique are getting a Christmas card.  They know how to make a guy feel welcome.  Now keep in mind it was obvious I wasn't there looking for clothes of my own.  No, I was the guy trailing behind the two fashionistas in search of the perfect [insert article of clothing here].  The folks at Posh knew this.  They understood my situation.  And they greeted me with drink.  Not just once.  Not even twice.  But as many as I needed to make it through that afternoon.  Yes, folks, I got to sit back while my fashionista and her fashionista friend chatted and shopped and tried on clothes while I relaxed on a rather comfy couch with drink in hand crashing big red bird through stacks of timber on my smartphone.  The key to life with a fashionista was dangling in front of my face.  And then I had a thought...

It's gonna happen.


Gentlemen, time to break out the shades, lather up the sunscreen, and head for the beach.  It's about to get bright up in here.


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