Monday, July 11, 2011

Glammed-up neutrals

I have been dying to wear this little sequin skirt from J Crew since I bought it a few weeks ago. Luckily we had tickets to the symphony on Saturday night - and it was the perfect opportunity to wear this AND try out a new eye makeup look I've been obsessing over. I think the outfit and the eyes turned out great (good enough to suit me, anyway)! I love that everyone was was mostly in classic black/white/floral summery dresses - and I was in these neutral tones that had a little flash of gold here and sequins there. Also, this outfit was comfortable!

PS - I apologize in advance for the 'come hither' stares I'm giving you in these pics - this was after a bottle of wine at dinner and I guess this is just how I look after that.

J Crew skirt, NY&Co shirt (old) and earrings, Simply Vera by Vera Wang pumps (Kohl's), AT Loft rings and bangles, F21 necklace,  Expressions NYC clutch (TJ Maxx)


  1. Gorgeous top and love the nude pumps with the short skirt!


  2. You had me duped...I was utterly convinced the shoes were from Pour la Victoire! Very nice find and a fantastic outfit to wear to the Symphony!

  3. Everything about this look is workin' for you, just so you know. I'm also in love with that amazing clutch you have. Also, how was the symphony?

  4. @B.Inspired

    ha! These are actually more comfy than any PlV pair I've ever tried - and who could argue with the price??

  5. @Sarah

    Thanks, Sarah - such a sweet thing to say! The symphony was wonderful - I'm so amazed at their talent! :)

  6. Such a cute outfit - I'm IN LOVE with your shoes!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  7. Okay I stared at your shoes from beginning of post til end...what a score!! I have a kohl's in my neighborhood and need to zip over there. This outfit is so summer chic.


  8. @this free bird

    Thanks doll! I actually stared at my shoes the entire night while wearing them LOL - truth be told I have even found myself wearing them while at home. in my pajamas. doing chores. yikes.

    Yes, I would recommend them to anyone :)

  9. love your makeup! it complements the outfit perfectly.

    what eyeshadow are you wearing?

  10. Such a great look Sarah! The skirt is divine and loving how you did your eyes...super hot! xo Nicole

  11. @mybeadifullife

    Thank you!! This eye makeup was really fun to do actually - but I had to use 3 different palettes that I have LOL. Mostly YSL, but I also used one color from a Chanel palette and also Stila Kitten. I'll do a makeup post soon with more details!

  12. I love the nude colors of this outfit! The glitter and ruffles work so well together!

  13. Gorgeous sequin skirt! You were def. one of the girls who I think looks so FAB in suits - can't see your suit outfit tomorrow!

  14. Just came across your blog...
    LOVE your shoes! I literally just saw those at Kohls and had to force myself to leave the store without them (drowling). AHH after seeing your pictures, I now know that I NEED those shoes! Haha gorgeous pics!

  15. i also have these shoes from kohls and LOVE them! i was so close to buying the PLV version, but these are just as great. and even {fairly} comfortable.


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