Sunday, July 3, 2011

SUPER fun saturday

Something about a 3 day weekend turns me into a completely different person. Typically, my weekends consist of one day of relaxation (aka: staying in my pj's until it's time to go back to bed), and one day of frantic shopping/running errands/manicures/laundry/ etc. But this Saturday...I popped up out of bed and was on the go for the entire day. It was SO fun! My best friend and I went to a designer thrift shop I'd been wanting to visit (got some reeeeally exciting stuff there), went to lunch at a place we had been dying to try, walked around a trendy area of town with some really cool shops, and even had time for some outfit pics! Last night we also went out for cocktails and a nice dinner with more friends, then to a fun club for dancing (pics from that evening in the next post!) Oh, the incredible power of that one extra weekend day..... :)

About the outfit - I must say that my goal here was to be at least a little patriotic considering that it is 4th of July weekend... but mostly I wanted to be cool and comfortable in the 95 degree heat.  So, I lost a point on the patriotic side (unless you count that the background wall in these pics is RED brick, and my tank is WHITE and BLUE striped...? No?  Okay I'll let that one go).  But I definitely achieved the cool and comfy part. :)  So there.  We're even.    

GAP Outlet tank, vest, shoes; GAP belt; Banana Republic shorts; gifted necklace; NY&Co earrings and bangle; Michael Kors watch; D&G aviators; boutique ring


  1. Love what you're wearing - casual and chic!

  2. like this! :)really cool blog! and post, and photos! love! <---MOI

  3. I love this outfit. So classy and comfortable, just perfect for a sunny and hot Saturday. I enjoy so much reading your blog, the pics and clothes. Love it!

  4. Heey girl:) You look just stunning, i love your outfit:)

  5. LOVE this look! From the vest to the shorts, to those fab shoes! I have a hard time styling shorts, but this post has given me great ideas!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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