Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer beauty essentials

I don't wear a lot of makeup typically - especially in the summer.  However, I do feel that this is an appropriate time to admit that I am an absolute SUCKER for Sephora.  I buy so many things from that store and could spend hours online reading reviews of products that I admittedly do not need/nor will I ever use more than 3-4 times.  Something about promises of improved skin tone, plump lips, a false-eyelash effect.. and I'm hooked.  I also buy drugstore brands of eyeshadow/liner/mascara/gloss that I think very highly of - so in my mind I just know that for me, there isn't a huge difference in what I get there versus Sephora.  But still my heart just yearns for that black-n-white decor, chic product displays, cult faves, and dance-beat soundtrack that is Sephora.

Onto the point of this post - time to introduce my summer favorites.  Some from Sephora, some from various other cosmetic boutiques...these are my every day, go-to, must-have products for looking polished but not too overly 'done' in the steamy summer heat.

Before I get into makeup, let me say that as far as skincare goes - I have a VERY simple routine.  I wash my face with Noxema (yes, and have used it most loyally since I was about 16), then I use Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream and Philosophy Hope in an oil-free SPF (30) EVERY SINGLE DAY.  On to the fun stuff:

First things first - I know roughly half of the world is into this product. And you should all know that while I might try a cult fave product just to see if it's at all worth the hype, I would never stick with it if I didn't love it. Without this little magic golden stick by YSL, I would look like death warmed up every single day. I put a few strokes of this under my eyes and all of a sudden - it's like I got a full night's sleep. It's that good, people.  I use the #2 color... whatever that means.

  Next, it's onto cheeks and lips.  Feel like I skipped a step?  Well I did - but I don't wear any primer or foundation.  Ever.  It's not that I don't need it - I just don't like it, and I'm willing to deal with any potentially glaring facial imperfections as a result of that decision.  My mom is almost 60 and has never worn foundation at all - and I can only hope that I inherited some of those genes and could possibly have skin that stunning and flawless at her age.

So I do use bronzer (this Chanel one is Soleil Tan De Chanel in #62 Terre Epice) and I can't say enough about how lovely this is.  It blends well with my other makeup and looks very natural... also good for contouring my face.  I typically contour with this and put a bit of this Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy on the apples of my cheeks - then I blend them together with a brush as to avoid any harsh lines. Also, this summer I'm wearing Chanel gloss on my lips in #277 almost religiously. It looks like a glittery coral color in the tube (and in the pic) but it looks really pretty and natural on.

Okay, now for eyes. I really only wear a few key products there... one eye palette that I'm loving for summer is this Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette - so many different colors for shadow and liner, I'm loving it. Just the right mix of matte and shimmery colors to come up with so many different looks. And if I want a more dramatic summer night look - I use this YSL 5 Color Harmony Palette for Eyes palette in #3. Most importantly - I must talk mascara. I was an avid drugstore mascara user for years. I never saw the value in spending more money on this particular beauty essential just to get an upscale brand. Then, the Diorshow cult finally drew me in. I tried and tried, but it was a clumpy mess on me (and the tube). So I searched for something different (better) and I'm so glad I did - this Lancome Hypnose Drama is the BEST mascara I have ever used.... hands down. Mine is in 'excessive black' and I love the definition and length it gives while still allowing me to look natural. LOVE IT.

Lastly, I do finish my basic summer look with a light dusting of mineral powder - this just helps set the other products and reduce any shine. I have used Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15 for several years - and in the summer I use the 'Natural Beige' color.

There you have it, my simple (yet definitely wordy) summer makeup routine.  What are some of your summer makeup must-haves??


  1. Thanks for the tips...I need to experiment more with makeup...I tend to shy away from new stuff.

  2. I am envious of your skin care routine! I literally have the entire Clarins Skincare line in the comfort of my bathroom! My summer make-up must haves includes Smashbox primer to prevent shine, and Clinique bronzer. I also only use Maybelline Mascara (XXL pro) extension, I toss mine every 6 weeks so Lancome is out of the question. I want to try Touche Eclat, & the YSL shadow palette is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love all of the products that you are using... some of them I even use myself :)


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  4. amazing post, love the shades, perfect for summer

  5. i want that ysl palette so bad! & have been meaning to try the tarte cheek stain! xx

  6. I don't actually wear makeup but when I do I have to have the Chanel foundation and mascara. I just love the airy feel of the stuff! A more used must have is my Burt's bees tinted chap stick. Just can't go wring with that!

  7. I could spend hours in sephora. LOVE that shop. I love ysl touche eclat. :)SarahD

  8. I love the ysl palette! Looks like gorgeous colors!

  9. I use Hypnose Drama too and swear by it!


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